Use your own photo for the passport – guaranteed to be accepted or your money back

Send your photo to me and I will:-

  • Examine the photo to ensure it’s suitable, a quick refund will be provided if not.
  • Crop the photo to the correct size for your country
  • Ensure your head is positioned correctly and is the correct size
  • Ensure the lighting is correct on your face
  • If necessary, cut you out and place you on a light coloured background
  • If requested, post you the photos
You can email your photo to (please provide the same info as in the form below) or just use this form to upload your photo.
Please enter the various information before selecting the file.

Upload files

* = Required field

You will always receive the updated digital version, postal address only required if you’d like me to send the prints by Royal Mail.
I will send confirmation of your request usually within a few hours, your photo will be ready in 24 hours.

Tips for better results using a camera or smartphone

  • Stand with your back to a large window during the day
  • Position your subject about 4 feet away
  • Try to use a light or at least an uncluttered background
  • Subject must not be smiling
  • Subject must be facing forward, so that if it wasn’t for the hair, you’de be able to see both ears.
  • Don’t zoom in too close, photograph subject from waist up

Make sure you send the original image file, i.e don’t allow your phone to send a smaller version.

Coming soon … a video showing how to get great results with any camera or smartphone