Click HERE to use your own photo, or alternatively, for a more traditional service:-

Passport photos in Leighton Buzzard, while you wait, I take several photos and you choose your favourite on a laptop, prints (or digital image) ready in minutes.

In the UK you can now renew your passport using a digital image (.jpg), just bring along a USB stick or get it by email before you even arrive back home!

Young Babies

Having trouble getting passport photos of your baby using photo booths? Maybe their head is flopping from side-to-side, or the seat height is too low or too high. I use a technique that guarantees great results very quickly, and with absolute safety!

Any country catered for

If it’s a country I havn’t done before, I will look up the specification prior to the session, all passports are £15 for a set of four, regardless of country. Just because they vary in size and specification, there’s no need to travel miles to get your foreign country passports and visas. I can do them quickly and efficiently while you wait. Here’s a couple of US Visas photos:-
US Size

Spectacle wearers

If you wear glasses, photo booths usually cause reflections in the lenses, and so the recommendation of the passport office is to remove them. But apart from the fact this will change the way you look, they sometimes leave marks at the sides of your nose. Using my services means you can leave your glasses on, and they’ll be no reflection in the lenses.

Compare the Quality

Photos from the booths can be fine, but they can also be inconsistent, plus you don’t get a large choice of photos to choose from. On the left below is a photo that a customer brought along, she hated her shiny skin (caused by the small flash), and the general image quality, compare it to the second shot taken using large soft studio lighting.