• Here’s what’s included for one all-inclusive flat fee:-

  •     Up to 1 hour location or studio photo shoot
  •     Approximately 20-25 edited and enhanced images on CD
  •     Both colour and black and white
  •     All images provided in high resolution (for printing / photo books / canvases etc…)
  •     All images provided in low resolution (for web / social media etc…)

Location Session
Up to 6 people


Location Session
Up to 10 people


Location Session
Over 10 people


The cost varies depending on the number of people, as more people require more time. But this does give me the opportunity to photograph individuals and the various family groups, which means you receive more photos.

Book your photo session for just £25, the balance is payable a few days afterwards.

Most professional photography studios offer a photo session, usually as a promotion, at a low cost of around £25-£50. This offer sometimes includes a small framed print as a ‘special offer’

After the photo session you are generally invited back for a viewing where you can choose your favourite images. It’s at this stage that the cost starts escalating, and you can find yourself spending several hundred pounds for just a small number of framed prints or canvases

This is the standard business model for most photographers, and indeed, it was ours too a few years ago.

Times have changed, and customers now prefer to have the digital images to use as they wish,. The provided high resolution images can be easily used to make large format prints, photo books, or canvases at a small cost. So this is now our preferred price structure, providing a more economical service, but still with beautiful images. We believe this benefits both the customer and ourselves.

You now receive all of the best images on CD, no withholding of images, no restrictions on their use, no hidden costs. As far as we know, no other photographers match this incredible offer!